High-efficiency carpet liquid detergent for bathroom

High effective Carpet shampoo-high foamPacking capacity:3.8L/19LUse features: This product is a professional detergent for removing stains on the carpet. It is a light yellow liquid and shows a lavender smell.&

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High effective Carpet shampoo-high foam

Packing capacity:3.8L/19L

Use features: This product is a professional detergent for removing stains on the carpet.
 It is a light yellow liquid and shows a lavender smell. It is suitable for all kinds of long and
 short blankets. It is characterized by high concentration formula, rich foam and strong 
stains removal capability. After the carpet is washed, it becomes smooth, soft, fluffy and
 bright as new one. If it is matched with multi-function carpet washer for using, the 
effect is better.

Usage and dosage: The product is diluted by the clear water in the ratio of 1:20 and
 then added to the water tank of the carpet cleaner.

 High Effective Carpet Liquid Detergent for Bathroom

1.It is stored in a cool and shade place and do not swallow.
2.Wear protective equipment when using.
3.Don't  touch the skin and eyes,otherwise,rinse immediately with plenty of water,consult the doctors if  necessary.
 4.It shall not be mixed the foam agent,otherwise it affects the foam generation.
High Effective Carpet Liquid Detergent for Bathroom




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